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Frequently Asked Questions
What is PlanDeer?

A. PlanDeer is a Planning and Tracking Tool that provides Professionals a quick, simple, and effective way of planning and tracking their tasks. It serves as a very effective and simple Project Management Tool to keep track of project tasks and status. Built on Microsoft Excel, it provides users a completely familiar, easy-to-use and amazingly simple way to manage the plans, without the complexity that is seen with typical planning and tracking tools. The automatic-color-driven interface, effective reports and ease-of-use provide an intuitive medium to address your planning needs.

How does PlanDeer help enhance Productivity?

A. PlanDeer removes the complexity associated with typical planners, by providing a calendar based, effective and efficient interface, that requires a minimal amount of effort to create tasks in your plan as well as manage their progress. Thereby significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage your plan.

Who all can potentially benefit from implementing PlanDeer?

A. To put it at the fundamental level, If you are tasked to manage a project or have a list of things-to-do, either on a chit or on a computer or in your mind, then PlanDeer may be an ideal tool to serve your planning needs.

PlanDeer can lead to significant productivity enhancement for all those professionals, project managers, leads, small and medium entrepreneurs, students and various others who always have a Project to manage or a List-of-Things to accomplish. In fact, profession is not a constraint at all to derive the best out of this Microsoft Excel based planning and tracking tool. While the tech savvy like PlanDeer for the way it is designed and built, the not-so-tech-savvy would also love it for the simplicity it has and the way it allows them to master it in a Jiffy.

What are the requirements for using PlanDeer?

A. To use PlanDeer 10, the primary requirement is to have Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 or 2016 installed on your computer. For systems that have Microsoft Excel 32-Bit, you need to install PlanDeer 10 32-Bit and for systems that have Microsoft Excel 64-Bit, you need to install PlanDeer 10 64-Bit.

What is the difference between the Trial version of PlanDeer and the Licensed version?

A. The only difference between the Trial version of PlanDeer and the Licensed version is that the Trial version will have a time-limit until which it would work. The time-limit is 30 days from the time the Product is opened for the first time after the download. There is NO difference in terms of the feature or functionality between the two versions. That means, the Trial version works just like the Licensed version but for the time-period constraint.

My plan calendar start date seems to have moved by a day from what it was yesterday. Why is it happening?

A. You need to enter the start date for the plan in the "FirstSteps" worksheet. When you open the workbook, a default calculated date is set as the start date. Even if you want the same date that you see as default to be your plan's start date, you need to overwrite that cell with that date. We recommend our users to refer to the Users’ Corner section to check out the video tutorials or refer to the Help file that is accessible through the Programs menu.

When I open the workbook and click on the feature buttons, a message pops up saying "Cannot run the macro ". The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled". What should be done?

A. You have to Enable Macros for the workbook functionality to work completely. You will find "Enable Content" button which you need to select to enable the macros.

When I open the workbook, I see a message stating “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, enable macros….xxxxxxxxxx”. What do I need to do?

A. You have to Enable Macros for the workbook functionality to work completely. You will find "Enable Content" button which you need to select to enable the macros.

Why does the right click not appear sometimes in the workbook?

A. Across the worksheets, the right click feature is programmatically avoided for the first and second rows due to data safety reasons. If the click is on either the first or the second row. Or, if it is a larger selection and the selection includes either row number 1 or 2 or both, (for example, 5 rows from row number 2 to row number 6 are selected), even then the right click will not come up. If the second row's contents need to be erased for some reason, select the row and delete the contents (using "Delete" key on the keyboard).

I have a new computer system now. How do I transfer the license to my new computer?

A. The following steps need to be followed when a license has to be transferred to a new computer.

1. In the old computer, please use the "Deactivate" functionality provided (you will see the menu item under PlanDeer10 menu in the application) and note down the deactivation code that you get.
2. For the new computer, in case you want the newer version of our Product and it is available, download it from our site into your new computer. [your old planner file can also be copied on to the new computer.]
3. Then, follow the "Steps to Activate" in http://www.excelsquare.com/howtoactivate and add the deactivation code to the details being sent, to obtain the new activation code.

What type of license do I get when I buy PlanDeer?

A. Licenses are of two types - Individual and Bulk licenses. To know more details, visit www.excelsquare.com/licenses

Can I maintain multiple plans?

A. Yes. You can use “Create New Plan” menu from the PlanDeer menu items and create a new plan for tracking a separate project.

How safe and secure is buying Products on this site?

A. Buying is made safe and secure by processing the payment transactions through PayPal, which is one of the most Trusted Authorities in e-transactions in the world. The payment transaction happens through secure connection (https:) via PayPal servers. PayPal doesn't share buyer's credit card or any such sensitive data with sellers and keeps it completely private and hence it eliminates any apprehension of misuse of such sensitive data. Also we are "PayPal Verified" and that means a layer of extra protection for the buyers! You could get more details about PayPal at their website (www.paypal.com)..

I don’t have PayPal account. Can I still buy this?

A. Yes, you could use various Credit cards and Debit cards and complete the purchase process. The entire payment process is handled by PayPal.

I have some queries about your Product/s. How do I get your support?

A. PlanDeer comes accompanied with an exhaustive reference material that includes help file and user videos. Even after referring to the material, if your query is not answered, you could get in touch with us over email providing the nature of your query or use the contact form at www.excelsquare.com/contactus.

Which versions of Microsoft Excel does PlanDeer support?

A. PlanDeer 10 supports Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2016. There are specific versions of PlanDeer that support 32-Bit and 64-Bit variants of Microsoft Excel. The download page displays the version of Microsoft Excel that the Product is supporting, to help you choose the right product to download and install.

How long will it be before I learn using PlanDeer?

A. Since PlanDeer is built upon the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel, it takes minimal amount of time for someone who has worked even with basic Microsoft Excel. While PlanDeer uses a lot of advanced features of Excel, the implementation details are hidden from the user and hence, expects no such advance Excel knowledge from the user. With user videos and help files being available, an Excel user can even become thoroughly familiar with PlanDeer within a matter of hours!