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Read what some of our esteemed customers have to say about their experience with X-TrackAmaze (the earlier avatar of PlanDeer)


X-TrackAmaze is an excellent tool. Have always wanted such a tool

Alfred Yap

The program is easy to use and your customer support has been outstanding.

Richard B. HubbardTerritory Manager WA, OR & AK

I am very impressed with X-TrackAmaze product. Not only is it simple to use, but it also has great built-in reporting.
I was able to test this product early, on Windows 7. The excelsquare team was able to solve some issues with running in the Windows 7 beta environment. I never expected them to fix the issue as fast as they did.
This product is an extreme bargain at the current price. The support they provide is more than worth the price.

Rich RussellDirector of Technical Services, Kent Washington School District

Thanks. This is one of the easiest planning packages I have ever seen. I really like its simplicity

Susan RiceCPO, United Way of Franklin County

I was looking for a program that would list my tasks and that I could keep up with my entire week. After about 1 month of using X-TrackAmaze 07, I really wish I had this a long time ago. I accomplish at least 25% more every day.
Every time I get a request, have a task that needs to be done, I just put it down. The difference over Outlook is that this is customizable. I am not restricted to creating task a certain way. One of the big points is that I can print my list and take it in to a meeting with me so I can tell my peers/superiors what is going on.
I like the PDF feature. I can send my boss my list and he has a hard copy of what I am working on. It is in a familiar and easy to understand format (Gantt chart) style. I am working to get everyone in our company to use it. The price is a steal just under $12.
The customer service is outstanding, someone always gets back to me within a few hours. I would suggest everyone should try it out.

Chris Ingalls Process Analyst1, Partner/COO, TBR-Strategies.com

The excelsquare template is an impressive tool. Easy to use yet powerful. The dashboard reports are professional…and they make me look great in meetings with my boss and colleagues! I was also thoroughly impressed with the email support for my questions after I bought the product. Very timely responses and helpful, thorough answers. I would recommend to all my colleagues!

Patrick Fisher Director, Product Management, Omaha, NE

I was glad for the quick support to get my xTrack working when I wanted to deploy it at my new company. It was helpful and effective at my old one, and it was my first choice for getting traction on planning with a new team.

Erica Brand VP of Product, FoundHealth, California

I’ve tried several project tracking software packages in the past and have found them to be so cumbersome (or so expensive) to use that it wasn’t worth it. Finally I’ve found a product that is simple, user-friendly and a pleasure to use. I’ve already created a plan to manage several complex projects I’m working on simultaneously, and it’s actually working to keep me organized and on track. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the price can’t be beat! Thanks for a wonderful product… An amazing value!

Sydney Tyler Thomas Grace Bay Publishing

I worked for months trying to come up with a tracking system using Excel with no success. I searched for templates on the internet but found nothing that impressed me or was capable of doing what I needed it to do in help me track planning tasks. And then I found “X-TrackAmaze” and all my prayers were answered.
This is probably the most brilliant but simple planning tool that I’ve used that offers more features than I could every ask for. The creators at ExcelSquare are pure geniuses for developing a program like this. If you are looking to be more productive and efficient in your projects, you need this program. Hats off to the support staff as well who appear to be sitting by the computer to provide support if needed. Not that you will need it, but just knowing that they are there is great. A worthy investment and at such a steal I feel like I am taking advantage of them

Antwan Smith Project Manager, Maryland

As a business Coach,I work with my clients to track, test, measure and report on every aspect of their business. Being proficient in MS Project I track all project plans using the application. My clients, however, most often do not have the App and find the learning curve to be prohibitive. X-TrackAmaze is the perfect solution to bridge the gap. My clients learn the value and impact to their bottom line while gaining valuable knowledge and confidence being able to easily learn, use, manage and even delegate internal projects and tasks. I have added the link to your website in my Business Tools and Links sections on our website as I know many business owners will see this is a very affordable and effective business tool.
The features of your Excel Add-In are only matched by the superior level of Customer Service / Support I have experienced. Kudos to your entire team!

Anthony E. BaldwinPartner/COO, Total Synergy Solutions

X-TrackAmaze 07 is a superb and effortless tool for simple project management. With straightforward documentation and intuitive information management, X-TrackAmaze 07 easily surpasses the array of templates, forms and shells people typically use to track routine multi-step tasks and projects. And all with the familiar excel interface – Brilliant!

Mike RiesManagement Consultant

X-TrackAmaze 07 brought excel back to life as a tool for me. Beautiful, brilliant, fast! A thoughtful, well-designed, and user-friendly interface. Ample room for customization and a fast-response customer support. It satisfies my needs to document project tasks and report to my customers using PDF format

David RobertsSoftware Engineer, Enon, Ohio